Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Host Society Announces Celeigh Cardinal as Cultural Ambassador

The 2010 Arctic Winter Games Host Society have named singer / songwriter Celeigh Cardinal as the Cultural Ambassador for this unique celebration of northern culture.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Cardinal started singing at a very young age – learning pictures as cues for songs until she learned to read. As a young adult, her desire to pursue a career in music only grew stronger.

At 29, Celeigh Cardinal has now performed at hundreds of events and opened for such legends as the Beach Boys, and Buffy St. Marie. She has played with a number of bands and currently fronts an eclectic group of musicians with varied experience and influences, The Celeigh Cardinal Band explores rock, rhythm and blues to create an earthy, soulful musical experience.

Describing herself as ‘hardly an athlete,’ Cardinal says she was initially surprised when invited to be an ‘ambassador’ for the Games, but grew quite excited after learning more about the cultural component to the week-long event.

“Music, arts, crafts, food, fashion - this is where my heart feels at home.” Cardinal says, “I consider myself lucky to highlight the most unique parts of every individual – their culture! As a musician, and a Metis woman, I’ve always held strong to the richness of my heritage, making it a foundation to each of the many paths I’ve chosen to explore. It’s my hope that as Cultural Ambassador for the 2010 Arctic Winter Games I will have the opportunity to share the vibrant and energetic spirit of my people with those from within our region and around the world.”

2010 Host Society President Debbie Reid says Cardinal’s passion for her music and pride in her heritage made her an obvious choice to represent the Games’ unique cultural offerings, which include not only music, but visual, photographic, performance, and culinary art offerings as well.

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