Friday, April 3, 2009

National Championship Win for Arctic Winter Games Sports Ambassador

Grande Prairie, Alberta - Following the first National Championship win of his career, Grande Prairie aerialist Ryan Blais is home celebrating with family, friends – and organizers of the 2010 Arctic Winter Games.

Supporters of the Games in Grande Prairie were keeping a close eye on last weekend’s competition, hoping for the best for the 2010 Arctic Winter Games Sports Ambassador.

Blais, Canadian Freestyle Team member and Olympic hopeful, posted his highest score of the year at the competition, held at Cypress Mountain near Vancouver. Blais’ track-record at the 2010 Olympic venue is encouraging, as it was also the site of his second-highest score this season.

2010 Arctic Winter Games President Debbie Reid says no matter what the next year holds, Ryan has already proven to be a great ambassador for the Arctic Winter Games.

“Many of the developing athletes that participate in these games have similar goals to what Ryan’s would have been 10 years ago. This is their first opportunity to compete at an international level, and many of them are hoping for personal bests and podium finishes on their way to fulfilling bigger dreams,” said Reid.

“Over the years Ryan has shown tremendous dedication to his sport. He is a real life example that when you dream big you can achieve greatness!”

Blais’ top two scores will be combined with his top two from next season to determine whether he will compete in the Vancouver Olympics being held in February 2010. Only two weeks later, the focus of the circumpolar world will shift North, to the 2010 Arctic Winter Games in Grande Prairie.

Debbie Reid, President
2010 Arctic Winter Games
Cell: (780) 512-6346