Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peace Region’s Elected Officials to Participate in Arctic Sports Competition

Volunteers from the 2010 Arctic Winter Games will lead many of the region’s elected officials in some friendly competition Tuesday, June 16th at the City of Grande Prairie’s Municipal Government Day celebrations in Muskoseepi Park.

Elected officials from seven neighboring municipalities will participate in four activities, all of which will be featured in the 2010 Arctic Winter Games, coming to Grande Prairie March 6-13, 2010.

Alaskan High Kick
The athlete supports himself/herself on the ground with one hand while grasping one foot with the other hand. The athlete must use his / her free foot to kick a target
suspended overhead before landing on the kicking foot.

Sledge Jump
Ten wooden sledges are placed in a row. The athlete jumps over as many as possible before fatigue forces him / her to stop. The athlete may only execute two-foot jumps,
and the feet may not be placed further apart than shoulder-wide.

Stick Pull
Competitors stand in a staggered stance facing each other, gripping a Crisco-greased stick. At the judge’s signals competitors grip the stick, then begin pulling away from
their competitor with a straight arm and in a slow and steady fashion. Best-of-three wins it.

Pole Push
Two teams of four players each grasp opposite ends of a 6-8 meter pole. The teams attempt to push each other out of a 10 metre circle. A team wins the round when it
succeeds in pushing the centre mark of the pole across the boundary line. Best-ofthree wins it.

The ‘competition’ for elected officials will run from 4:30-5:00pm, with members of the public encouraged to try their hand at these unique Arctic Sports following the City’s official welcome around 5:00.

Find YOUR Way to the Games! Visit our display at Municipal Government Day to Register as a Volunteer, Get Your Gameswear, or find out more about the 2010 Arctic Winter Games in Grande Prairie.

Media Interviews available on-site Tuesday June 16, 4:00-7:00pm

For More Information on this, or other news stories click http://www.awg2010.org/news.aspx

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