Friday, January 23, 2009

Greenland Cultural Arctic Winter Games Representative Visits Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie, Canada - An Arctic Winter Games cultural representative from the Nordic Institute of Greenland, Mr. Anders Berndtsson, is in Grande Prairie on a three-day visit to view the cultural facilities that will be used during the 2010 Games, and to see first-hand the framework of the cultural component of the 2010 Games. He will also be meeting with members of the 2010 Arctic Winter Games Host Society.

The Sports Federation of Greenland has selected the Institute to provide all the cultural contribution from Greenland to the 2010 Games. Berndtsson and his cultural institution have, with huge success, produced the Greenlandic cultural contribution both at the 2006 Arctic Winter Games in Kenai, Alaska and the 2008 Yellowknife Games in the North West Territories.

"Many of us from Grande Prairie who were at the 2008 Games in Yellowknife had the privilege of seeing Greenland's cultural performance," said Jackie Clayton, cultural director for the 2010 Games. "We are definitely looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us at next year's Games." Berndtsson says plans are underway for the Greenlandic production for the gala events in 2010, and will consist of a fusion between Greenlandic choir traditions and South African choir traditions. "Greenland believes it is very important for the young cultural participants to have the opportunity to go through a professional creative process prior the Games," said Berndtsson." A professional artistic leader, choreographer, and light and sound designer are hired in Greenland for the production that will be held in Grande Prairie."

The Nordic Institute of Greenland is a cultural institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers and is based in Nuuk, Greenland. NAPA is part of the active cultural life in Greenland and gives opportunities to experience Nordic culture in Greenland and Greenlandic culture in Scandanavian countries. One of NAPA's priority areas is to support, stimulate and contribute to the development of Greenlandic culture through its own cultural projects, with an emphasis on children's and youth culture.

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Marketing & PR Assistant Director/Media Chair
2010 Arctic Winter Games
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